Monday, January 26, 2015

Mercy for the Wicked

To the King Magician Who Guards Islam:

No Buddhist has ever harmed a single thing that is Allah's.

If it has been said that a Buddhist 
has caused harm to a single thing that is Allah's, 
that person is not a Buddhist, 
and that thing is not Allah's. 

Since there is no thing that is not Allah's, 
you take the matter as granted before I speak, 
and nod sternly in agreement to hear truth promptly told.

May this incline Your Majesty's indulgence.

Allah's word can never be profaned by false words, 
because Allah's word is absolutely pure.
Nothing improves purity:
It is here that everyone agrees.

Purity requires no defense.

Oh, Eternally Patient and Merciful 
Judge Who Protects Islam:

We, on the other hand, are here to defend 
a magical apparition of some sort 

-- now brought to the Court's notice as Ashin Wirathu --

before you give your ruling, 
and we both permit his fears to continue 
to their inevitable conclusion.

We have great respect for the Court's earnest person 
which we now express through a similarly earnest wish for 
your long and glorious presence at a moment in mind 
where space is understood as something other than space, 
and time is Allah's very own servant.

Over the course of time and experience, 
men see Allah's face in the faces of all beings. 
To recognize his own face, a man must look into a mysterious mirror.
Had I not come to understand my own face, 
how might I otherwise have reason to see Allah's face in yours?

The Plea

At this time, we waive reading of the charges, enter a plea of Not Guilty, 
and beg for the simple courtesy of house arrest, while we conduct forensic examination
of benefit to all circumstances hereinafter arising within the scope of this matter.
The defense has engaged extensive investigative support to speed things along.
Defendant is in fact burdened by time, 
so in no event can the Defense burden the Court's time,
Nor do we expect less than the Court's own sense of timely justice.

If the Crown Prosecutor permits, kindly help the Defense accomplish mens rea?

If the Crown Prosecution finds it helpful, we will plead right now over what we find on the issue of intention versus what actually happens.

Theory of the Defense

No crime violated. Over and out to the airport.

If Ashin Wirathu is a thief, he is a master thief.
We do not find anything missing.
A master thief occupies himself thus:

1) He breaks into houses,
2) Plunders wealth,
3) Commits banditry,
4) Ambushes highways.

He requires these five:

1) The uneven,
2) Thickets
3) Powerful people
4) He offers bribes,
5) He moves alone.

There are other elements, but kindly agree:
A master thief, like an evil monk, lives alone.
If Wirathu has sought to steal from a crowd
We take confidence he is no thief.

If Ashin Wirathu is a liar, he is a master liar.
We cannot find a single word he says is true.

When questions are asked
the lie is already formed before
the answer is even given.

If there be one word as a lie
Then all words are lies from the beginning.

As the liar only profits from true lies
why would a liar brand truth as lies
and lies as truth?

Allah knows all of man's sounds are false
and only Allah's sounds are true:
Man knows all of Allah's sounds are true
and only man's sounds are false

This is the instruction on the echo defense.

Ashin Wiraphu is suffering from symptoms of so-called dementia.
Allah uses those thus called to serve as Allah's guardians
for they are beyond any lies.
As Buddha's guardians anticipate the same circumstances,
So, too, do these guardians use those the same so-blessed,
for they are beyond lies.

Ah, yes... then.

This will require daylight on magic.


Mens Rea

What is the intent of this apparitional speech?

In honor of the great Alan M. May, I have come to hell to help a Jewish lawyer argue a defense for a Buddhist in an Islamic Courthouse. He once engaged me to investigate a ghost. 

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