Saturday, December 01, 2012

Sherab Palden Beru Passes

Famed Tibetan artist Sherab Palden Beru passed away in Scotland yesterday, at the age of 101. His body of work spanned generations, and became the main 20th century influence on how Tibetan art expresses the divine. He was a most gracious, kind, and generous gentleman who is remembered far and wide for an exemplary life. We will see many tributes to him in the coming days.

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Unknown said...
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Editor said...

Somebody better run tell Ringu Tulku, who has published notice of the passing.

Editor said...


inkessential said...

Sherab Palden Beru passed away in deep meditation on the 29th November and left undisturbed in a state of 'Tukdam' meditation for the traditional three-day period.

Today 2nd December, his body is moved to the main Temple at Samye Ling in Scotland where Bardo prayers commence for the remainder of the 49 days from the time of his passing.

"I dont feel so sad but more empty. Although i reflect on all Sherab has been to me for most of my life with great fondness, working closely with him as my art mentor, i know he is on a new and wonderful journey, i feel a sense of liberation too"

- Tashi Mannox

Homohabilis said...

About a decade ago, I felt a need for an image of the Wheel of Life. I went down to the KSK temple, which then had a bookstore attached, and was lucky to find their last copy of a very large poster (two feet by three feet) of a very detailed and beautiful Wheel of Life by Sherab Palden Beru, which has graced my living room wall ever since, a reminder.

May he have a peaceful passage through the Bardo, and an auspicious next stage on his journey.