Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dear Buddha: Quenching the Flames

Dear Buddha,

Please come out from the hiding place where my dualistic notions put you,
and don't worry, this isn't a prayer....
more like a note to myself, but
in order that I know I am not alone with this,
and you are really still here
please allow my mind to relax into all your constantly replicating myriad bodies,
or, left to my own devices, if I see myself as even more trapped and am choosing off some menu, send Avalokitesvara, who is high in the Buddha of the Moment,

to see my tears
to help my tears
to augment my tears,
so that they rain in sufficient quantity and quality
to put out this terrible fire in a place that deeds have named Tibet.

People all over the world are exchanging pictures
of an uprising amidst the flames,
but I beg you to help me know, and if possible, fix
why some people are throwing themselves into oblivion
in order to warm their enemies
yet feel themselves at war.

help me with this, I really beg myself
I really beg myself to cry on that fire
and put it out
even I have to leverage all the heartbreaks of this and other lives,
is there anywhere to take this bargain?

There is nowhere to take this bargain, Buddha.

Some years ago, a single monk burned himself on this planet,
and the world felt the warmth of his heart which did not burn,
yet today dozens of hearts have burned all over Tibet
and it is cold everywhere.

how generous of Tibetan people to give such precious comfort,
to a bundled up world in posh down jackets and leather seats.

Please, don't let devils roast you. Don't get dragged into who told who or who did what.
This smoke rises to heaven and makes hypothecated sky-going beings of a wide-ranging nature
cough their guts out. It makes decent people stop and think, "Oh, How I Have Failed All Sentient Beings," and sometimes wish to burn themselves in place of you...

If that is true, why do the numbers of the one
fall smaller than the other?

Not that there isn't blood all over our hands down here; far from it. We killed all the people who originally lived in what we call America. The karma hasn't even begun to get paid on that one.
We're now so sick with murder that we shoot armed drones on people exactly like it was a computer games. Who lives and who dies is a decision made by a committee and judgment is executed thousands of miles away by guys who don't have very honest lives.

What can I do...
Buddha, that's my main question.

Sit around here and do or not do stuff until given infinite possibility, I am, as the training manual has it, enlightened? Meanwhile a lot of people are killing themselves by jumping in a fire down here..... doesn't matter who they are or what they are called.

I have a lot of faith in you, Buddha,
but since you and I are actually identical,
according to some currently popular interpretations,
do I really hand this off to you, or do I answer that question myself?
Seems like it wouldn't make any difference.

Forgive me for doubting... maybe my faith is secretly weak... but, I know myself unworthy and so, secretly harbor the notion that you and me are two different somethings.... so, I am asking you...
no, I am really begging you,
face down on the ground, as shameless as an opera singer,
why the fuck we can't put out those fires?
Is it my dualistic thinking keeps them burning?

Some people say the fires are "necessary."
The first thing a whore does is learn her client's language.
After a while, she entices internationally.
Whores are necessary. They don't need any enforcement
To cry a river of tears
and put that fire out.
Even their laughter is tears,
the slightest gesture,
the smallest whisper,
the instant thought,
body, speech, and mind:
pure honesty in the midst of deception.

So, I know tears aren't going to do it.
I don't see how this is going to be relieved
unless I almost instantly
grab lightning from the sky
before it hits the ground.

Buddha, I know you don't grant wishes,
but this is what I see presently
and I thought I would talk to myself,
to see if I could do something without crying
and put out that fire before it gets started.

Thank you for listening.

P.S. This isn't the only thing going on, but is demonstrative of the case.

P.P.S. This isn't the only time something like this ever happened. In ancient days, besieged cities used to throw their children from the ramparts, and then fight to a certain death.

P.P.P.S. I guess what I'm after is an instant affirmation of the method to cease permitting the causes and conditions that recognize the sight of suffering; or, in the alternative, cease believing in any reality attached to what is fundamentally an apparition -- the language of deception -- the first thing I learned.

P.P.P.S. There is of course the suggestion that enlightenment is possible within a single lifetime, but this seems so rare that people burn to death in the mistaken notion that anything ultimately beneficial is far outside grasp.

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