Sunday, April 15, 2012

Shenphen Rinpoche Assaulted: Hospitalized

Shenphen Rinpoche has been attacked by two assailants in Slovenia, and is hospitalized at this hour with multiple knife wounds, and a concussion.

This marks the second time the French-born lama has been assaulted. The first occasion, a year ago, ended with two assailants promising, "We will see you again." The current incident saw Rinpoche being stabbed, knocked out with a piece of wood, and then, as he lay unconscious, a knife used to make a symbolic cut across his throat.

His sangha requests prayers, and earnestly wishes a thorough police investigation.

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6 reader comments:

Drums of Dharma said...

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha!

This is quite unfortunate! It would be terrifying for that to happen but twice! May more auspicious conditions arise for Shenphen Rinpoche.

Petrus said...



Cliff said...

Anonymous said...

I only have one question. Was Alice Louise Zeoli in Slovenia when the attack took place? She has a habit of doing those sorts of things both from a metaphoric and practical perspective. (LL)

Lodreu said...

For informations, a facebook group was created,
There is a petition to sign, to help the situation. Rinpoche's attack was not only against his person, but what he represents, Buddhism in all its aspects, and the implication of Buddhist teachers in society.

Bodhichitta1 said...

First, I would get out of Slovenia; secondly, may we all be sure that his suffering is for the benefit of all!