Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Let's Talk About Rabbits

This is March, isn't it? Rabbits are galloping and frolicking about, happy as you please --- ever hear of the March hare? --- but, come April, many of them fall to forlorn circumstances.

Easter comes in April, and numerous idiots think it would be cute to buy an "Easter Bunny" from an unscrupulous pet store, or vile, underground trafficker in rabbit flesh. Either way the rabbits are exploited and made miserable by the residual, sub-conscious effect of absurd, anthropomorphic stereotyping.

Take the confusion over Jessica Rabbit as an example. Let me make it plain that Jessica is not a rabbit -- and I should know. She married Roger Rabbit, so she is cross-species-friendly to lagomorphs, but that is as far as it goes. Girl has an open mind, and an enlightened attitude. While we're on the subject, there is absolutely no truth to the ugly rumors some people spread. So I knew her, but that was way before she met Roger. I still like her as a friend, but when it was over, it was over. I have absolutely no reason to wish Roger any legal problems, or anything like that.


What were we talking about? Oh, yes... anthropomorphic...

Rabbits don't just sit around in some little jail, waiting for you to pick them up and fondle them for a second. Rabbits are highly intelligent, social beings, who require contact and room to roam. To properly pet a solitary rabbit (a rabbit who lives alone with humans) takes an hour or more, once or even twice daily. They need at minimum two hours of exploration time every day, to interact with the "places from where noises come," i.e. all the places they can't see when they are locked up. This requires "rabbit proofing" the entire house, because they will go right to electric wires and other dangers. Although they can be potty trained, you have to be patient with them. You have to watch their food and water very carefully, and attend to their considerable dental requirements.

Yes, caring for rabbits is a long term commitment -- a big responsibility -- and this definitely precludes some momentary desire for the novelty of an "Easter Bunny," that quickly wears off when you wake up to actual rabbit logistics.

Fortunately, there is a reputable organization available to answer any questions you may have about rabbit care, and this is precisely the time of year when they need your support. They operate internationally, and have earned the respect of anyone who has ever dealt with them. I am talking about the House Rabbit Society : the most relentlessly dedicated group of rabbit rights activists you are likely to find anywhere.

Please... I am really asking you... make a difference in some bunny's life, and support the work of the House Rabbit Society in this critical rabbit season.

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Anonymous said...

That's one HUGE rabbit - what color of eggs does it lay?...