Friday, January 21, 2011

The Prayer of Calling From Afar

The Essence, primordially unchanging, the innate nature, free from elaboration,
Dwells as the Youthful Vase Body, the originally pure, profound clarity.
Dharmakaya Lama, Yeshe Dorje, you who know,
Please grant the blessings to attain great confidence in the View.

The Nature, unceasing, conjoined, configuration of luminous clarity,
Dwells as the display of the spontaneously present Five Certainties.
Sambhogakaya Lama, Dechen Dorje, you who know,
Please grant the blessings to perfect great ability in Meditation.

The Compassion, without bias, the primordial wisdom, free from all limitations,
Dwells as the essence of all-pervading naked awareness-emptiness.
Nirmanakaya Lama, Drodul Lingpa, you who know,
Please grant the blessings to accomplish great progress in Action.

The primordial ground of one's own awareness is unchanging and unmoving.

Whatever arises, as the expression of the Dharmakaya, is neither good nor bad.

Since awareness of nowness is actually the Buddha,
The completely free serene Lama is revealed in one's innermost heart.
When this original mind is realized as the very nature of the Lama,
There is no need for whining contrived prayers (made with) grasping and attachment.
By letting go in the free natural flow of uncontrived awareness,
Not holding whatever arises, the blessings of self-liberation are obtained.

Through fabricated practice there is no time to achieve enlightenment.

This meditation produced through mental analysis and intellect is a deceiving enemy.

Now, conceptualization falls apart with the abandon of a madman.
Let this life be spent in a state of uninhibited naked ease!
Whatever one does, joyful; practitioner of the Great Perfection!
In any company, happy; lineage son of the Lotus Born!
Protector without rival; Great Treasure Revealing Lama!
Teachings beyond compare; Heart Essence of the Dakinis!

Having dispelled the heart's darkness, great ignorance, in its own place,
The undiminished sun of luminous clarity shines continuously.
This good fortune is the kindness of the Lama, the only father,
Unrepayable kindness! Only remember the Lama!

[At the request of my foremost Vajra student Trulpaiku Jogme Choying Don Thamchad Drubpaidei, this was spoken as delirious chatter by Jigdral Yeshe Dorje. Sublime Virtue!]

This is the rGyang 'Bod Kry gSol 'Debs gNyug Mai Thol gLu Zhes Bya Wa bZhugs, "The Prayer of Calling (The Lama) From Afar: A Spontaneous Song of the Original Nature," composed by Dudjom Rinpoche.

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