Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy Fourth of July

Dharma is safe and sound in America, where most things are possible. Some things are impossible. Nobody is tearing up paintings, melting down statues, or burning books. Nobody is throwing anybody in jail because they refuse to denounce the Dalai Lama. Nobody is tearing down temples, or turning them into tourist attractions. True, this is a crazy place full of crazy people, but until you find a better crazy place --- Happy Fourth of July.

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2 reader comments:

Lazarus said...

I don't live there, but it seems a good enough place to live. Happy celebrations - and spare a thought for those who are still fighting to get there.


Patricia said...

It is true we enjoy far greater freedoms here in the States than does the people residing in Tibet.
Just last week I recieved a hate letter telling me to follow Jesus or go to hell.
Just a few days ago my lama was threatened with death.
Discrimmination and fear tactics do happen here. It's subtile at times, gross in others. Stay vigilant my friends. I'm sure I havent been the only person who's witnessed this, and I'm sure my lama isn't the only one whose had death threats done to him 'in the name of Jesus.'
may you and yours be happy and healthy
om mani padme hum