Thursday, May 13, 2010

Twenty-Six Months

This utterly charming little person, named Letizia, is just 26 months old, and already accumulating the Medicine Buddha mantra. So, how are you doing?

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8 reader comments:

PemaT said...

my dear lama always tells us that we are just in kindergarten
this must be the proof

Anonymous said...

"So, how are you doing?" Most respoisnible adults who have to work for a living, to pay the bills, etc, cannot be like a 26 months old baby, who spends most of his time eating, drinking, emptying his bowels and bladder, and sleeping. No, NOT all adults waste their time watching TV, surfing the internet, etc. One must CHANGE and face the harsh reality that many responsible adults have very little time for extensive practice, mainly because of work, unless they are willing to take the RISK and just leave their jobs, concentrate on intense practice, and hope to find another job after that. That takes great faith and commitment. If not, one has to be contented with very modest accumulations.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous:

If you don't have time for extensive practice, then do what you can or learn methods of accelerating your merit accumulation.

Refuge, three prostrations, 7 water bowl offerings, dedication, three more prostrations. That simple process takes me less than 10 mins. I can start my coffee, make my offerings and when I'm done, offer a cup of hot kona coffee to the Triple Jewel and start my day.

The best time to get in more practice is in the morning. You probably get up a little earlier to make a serious appointment or meeting. Its just a matter of setting a period of time each day or week that you can make it a priority.


Many Blessings to you and may all be auspicious with you and your family.

Ngawang Tenzin Zangpo said...

Oh my, somebody's cranky.
Maybe it's time for a nappy-boo?

Ngawang Tenzin Zangpo said...

I agree with the second anonymous. Sang, sur, and Shower of Blessings in the morning takes maybe ... an hour, and in the evening when you get home from work, it takes absolutely nothing to do some of the very short sadhanas (the Namcho Guru Drakpo sadhana is like 4 pages.)

If the kids get in the way, teach them that they have to respect your space and priorities. It's one of the best lessons that they'll learn.

Anonymous said...

I ended my message with " one has to be contented with very modest accumulations". I did not say none at all. Thanks for the helpful suggestions, though.

Anonymous said...

To 2nd poster

And why can't you accumulate mantras while driving, walking, waiting and so forth? I get about 300 Vajra Gurus per day that way.

Anonymous said...

When reciting mantras for accumulations, one should be focused on either the deity or the mantra itself, and not with half of your attention elsewhere. Is this true or false ? Please educate me.