Sunday, November 15, 2009

Terton Chungdrag Dorje Rinpoche to Star in New Police Action Reality Show

 Gotcha refuge right heah, boy.

Ah, yes... comes the eagerly awaited and most welcome news that the sublime reincarnation of Terton Chungdrag Dorje is set to star in Lawman, beginning on A&E in December, with an advance screening on November 18th.

I'll be glued to the television set, along with everyone else in America.

Rinpoche has apparently managed to get himself commissioned as Deputy Chief of the Jefferson Parish, Louisiana Sheriff's Office, and has "regularly gone out on patrol and worked major cases." Jefferson Parish, as you may recall, is where Harry Lee, the nation's first Chinese-American sheriff, held sway until his death in 2007. The sheriff's agency earned widespread public condemnation when, fearing for a spread of the anarchy then gripping New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, deputies turned away dehydrated and badly traumatized refuge seekers at gunpoint.

Rinpoche at the memorial service of Sheriff Harry Lee

The forthcoming broadcast is truly a momentous event, but in the interests of historical correctness -- as they say down dere -- I must report that the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office is not the first Louisiana law enforcement agency to commission a tulku. That distinction belongs to the Parish of Orleans Civil Sheriff, with their commission of November 5, 1990, to a tulku who shall here go nameless -- nineteen years ago this month.

And just who that might be, I will leave to y'alls imagination.

For the benefit of our overseas readers, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana is an American locale proximate to New Orleans, which in 2005 narrowly escaped destruction by a disturbance of the wind and water elements named Hurricane Katrina. Like Las Vegas, and San Francisco, it is only technically a part of the United States.

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5 reader comments:

Anonymous said...

He needs a haircut.

Editor said...

I'm almost positive he would be pleased to hear that.

Cliff said...

All I can say is, "Tulkus work in funny ways."

I will be renewing my Bodhisattva vows momentarily!

Editor said...

We can't have you operating a Diamond Vehicle on expired Bodhisattva vows, Cliff.

André said...

A sex abuser, like all lamas! Long live the Chinese imperialism on Tibet!