Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Diamond Bridge- to the fortunate shore of loving-kindness

From stillness born of equanimity
Like an infinite river into a stainless sky
Ever-present deities spontaneously appear
Displaying numberless aspects of compassion
Uniquely appropriate to each being
Dissolving obstacles to inherent benefit
According to individual circumstances
Reminding us that here we are never separate
From naturally arising perfection
I pray that I and all beings of the six realms
Self-recognize the inseparability
Of mind and the play of primordial wisdom
Along the shores of loving-kindness
Neither embracing nor rejecting the ocean of suffering
Awareness and emptiness liberate themselves
Making boundaries unnecessary

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6 reader comments:

Leamur said...

Welcome back, Rinpoche. I've missed you.

Unknown said...

may all the holy lamas
of all the lineages and traditions
have their lives and influence increase
may all those not presently with us
quickly take human birth
so that the holy dharma may spread
unto the ends of the earth
may any merit generated
from this and other practices
as well as any other merit
generated from any other action
of body, speech or mind
become a seed for the enlightenment
of all beings
through this merit
may all beings achieve enlightenment
through the inconceivable and incalculable
blessing and merit
of the three jewels
and the three roots
and especially my kind root lama
may I also come to achieve enlightenment
for the benefit of all beings

andrée said...

this is a very beautiful prayer. was it written by you, tenpa?

Anonymous said...

beautifull poem

Editor said...

I want to thank the person in Shenzhen who visited this prayer tonight.

Editor said...

By the way... in answer to the person who asked about authorship... yes, I wrote this, although I really want to say it wrote itself, because that is closer to what happened.