Thursday, November 15, 2007

Many-Faceted Gems of Offering to Others

Dorje Tsig Dun-pa

Ur-gyan yul gyi nub chang tsam
Pe-ma ge-sar dong-po la
Ya-tsan chog gi ngo-drub nyay
Pe-ma jung-nay zhay su drag
Kor du kan-dro mang-po kor
Kyed kyi jes-su dag drub kyi
Chin gyi lob chir sheg su sol


I take refuge in primordially perfected basic space.

Since sentient beings of the six realms are actually Buddhas, I must awaken this true nature through the union of compassion and emptiness.

I vow to eternally shepherd sentient beings to enlightenment through the perfection of spontaneously correct action.

I vow to continually appear where I am of the greatest benefit to all sentient beings, no matter what illusion of difficulty appears to arise.


In the space before us, just slightly above eye-level as we sit, there effortlessly appears an utterly pure and flawless crystal, perfect in every respect. This crystal draws all colours and phenomena into itself from surrounding space, transforming these into a clear and colourless, singular and unified expression of pristine beauty.

As we gaze upon this wondrous sight, we begin to understand that what seems to be a crystal is in reality a wish-granting gem, and that this gem has actually been given directly to us by the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the three times and ten directions: the most precious gift we have ever received.

What shall we do with this magnificent gift?


These eyes in my head, which seem to apprehend such beauty, do not belong to me, do not define or delimit me, and are of no permanent benefit to me. I therefore offer them to all sentient beings and pray that they may be of some permanent benefit to others.

These thoughts that dream I see through such eyes do not belong to me, do not ultimately define or delimit reality, and have no independent existence. I therefore offer them to the expanse of basic space as gifts to the apparent deities.

This body that I dream is the vehicle of eyes and thoughts, and upon which I lavish such care and attention, does not belong to me. It is not mine, it is not me, and it is of no permanent benefit to me. I therefore offer it to the play of emptiness and pray that it may be of continuous benefit to all sentient beings.

Visualization (continued)

We, ourselves, are suddenly drawn into the pulsating gem and in that instant; the gem begins replicating itself into countless numbers of identical gems, until these clouds of gems fill the entire universe. From one gem, four gems appear. From each of the four gems, four other gems appear, and so forth, until all space is completely filled with their perfection. Multi-colored rays of light sparkle forth from each of the myriad facets of these gems, and the tips of each ray touch the hearts of the countless beings of the six realms of existence, bringing them uniquely suitable joy and satisfaction, according to their individually specific requirements.


I dedicate the exhaustible merit of this action to the inexhaustible basic space in order to awaken sentient beings into the precious essence of exhaustion of phenomena.

On the fifth day of the tenth month in this or that year the thief disguised as Tenpa wrote this at a ranch in Arizona surrounded by jewels that were just out of his reach. These things have a strange way of being auspicious no matter what we do, do not do, or cannot undo. Copyright (c) 2007 by Tulku Urgyan Tenpa Rinpoche. All rights reserved.

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