Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Elements Imbalanced and/or Disturbed

When I sit and study the situation hereabouts, it becomes clear that the elements are disturbed. The region is alternately afflicted with fire and flood, flood and fire. There is also that "hot spot" I mentioned in a prior post. This is, in many regards, an ideal region; yet, we need to pacify the place before it becomes optimally habitable. I know of no better way to accomplish this than through the construction of a stupa, the emplacement of substantial prayer wheels, and the hanging of many prayer flags. The Native Americans, who inhabited this region for (who knows) 16,000 years, thought this general area to be a spiritual center. However, those who followed drilled this region for oil, and this without any mercy. When I study the scars on the hills and the life of the valleys, I realize the great beauty I see is but a shadow of former beauty. Like all fading beauty, some of the scars came with time, and some came with design. Thinking thus, I turn to the Kalachakra Tantra.

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